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Neptune Mutual

For us, June has been one of the most productive months so far. Here is a quick summary of what happened during that month.

DAO Smart Contracts Development

Enjoy Zero Fee in the Initial Bond Offering until June 21

Neptune Mutual Initial Dex Offering

How Does This Work?

  • Use NEP to stake and create contracts and markets
  • Burn NEP to create contracts and markets
  • Use NEP to vote in the governance of the platform’s future
  • Lock NEP to provide liquidity, secure the protocol, and yield additional rewards
  • Hold NEP in your wallet to purchase and claim coverage

Stay Tuned for Latest Updates

Neptune Mutual DAO

Cover Creator

About Reporting Questionable or Invalid Contracts



  • You must understand that scammers and imposters will be trying to deceive you to steal your funds.
  • On any social media, you must not trust people who ask you money. Whoever asks money on a private message is likely a scammer.
  • Please ask your questions in the official chat group whenever you are unsure about anything.
  • Even in the official…

Neptune Mutual

Neptune Mutual provides you with guaranteed stablecoin liquidity to reduce risk exposure by hedging against capital risks and smart contract vulnerabilities.

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