Introducing NEP Bond Market

TLDR: bond means to join two things together. When you add BUSD or BNB liquidity, we will match NEP liquidity on your behalf. The purpose of the bond is to add liquidity to the PancakeSwap exchange for a lockup period of 90 days. After that, you receive both BUSD and NEP back, and probably a little more amount as the liquidity provider fee reward given by the exchange to the liquidity providers.

Disclaimer First: Read Carefully

Investing money into anything always comes with a risk. It’s our firm belief that the long-term profit makers are the ones who not only put their assets into proper use but also invest equally or even more in research and due diligence. It is a good thing to be in total control of your funds and financial situation. We, therefore, urge you to understand all possible risks before you do anything with your fund, in the Neptune Mutual platform, and everywhere else.

Here is quick documentation that outlines some of the possible risks:

Cool! Now let’s get back to the story.


The defi landscape has taught us so much. We greatly admire numerous innovators and builders who have shaped the decentralized finance industry to bring novel concepts such as “yield farming” to fruition. The massive surge in the defi ecosystem has led us to believe that the industry is not only growing, but the general crypto audiences are the huge risk-takers and reward-makers.

Bond Pool

We plan to distribute more than 80% of the total NEP supply to the community, out of which 15% will be token sale or distribution later. The NEP community will comprise NEP holders, CAKE and BNB holders, initial liquidity providers, protocol users, ecosystem partners, and grantees. Nonetheless, we do not intend to provide all tokens immediately but gradually through reward and liquidity mining rounds. For example, the Bond pool beta.

Is This an IFO?
Yes, kind of.

Is This Liquidity Mining?

Does This Yield NEP Rewards?

So, we have allocated the first batch of 1,560,000 NEP tokens to distribute to the community as the Bond pool rewards. There is a lockup period of 90 days and a fee of 2.5% to enter into NEP bonding. The smart contract code and parameters can be evaluated here (license BUSL 1.1):

The Bond Pool contract will collectively distribute the 1.56M NEP reward tokens to the users who lock BUSD to “bond” with the NEP token. When a user supplies any amount of BUSD (over $25), the above smart contract will add the required amount in NEP, just like you could manually provide liquidity in the PancakeSwap exchange. The difference here is you supply only BUSD, and we add NEP for you.

After the lockup period, you will get both BUSD and NEP back in the form of PancakeSwap LP token. You can then redeem the LP token (directly in the PancakeSwap Exchange) to get BUSD and NEP tokens back or choose to farm the LP token in the NEP Pool (coming soon).

For Demonstration Purpose Only. The real platform and numbers may look different.

Refer to the above screenshot. After the lockup period, the platform will release “Approximate Bond” in the NEP tokens to the liquidity provider. At the end of the distribution period, the platform will distribute all of the 1.56M NEP tokens to the users who stake BUSD.

How Is This Different From Other DeFi Staking Pool?

TLDR: the Bond Pool shuts down as soon as the NEP allocation runs out.

We are slightly different from some DeFi staking pools and protocols as there is no continuous token emission or MasterChef-type minting possibility. Since there is a limited supply of NEP tokens, the Neptune Mutual team will have to supply the NEP tokens to the pools. And once the Bond Pool runs out of the NEP token rewards, the Pool is automatically shut down.


About Neptune Mutual

The Neptune Mutual platform explores new avenues to creating user-centric hedging products on the blockchain. We aim to attract a steady user base and growing liquidity towards the Binance Smart Chain by creating stablecoin-based coverage pools for accurate risk management.

Neptune Mutual platform uses NEP token for both governance and utility purposes.

  • Use NEP to stake and create contracts and markets
  • Burn NEP to create contracts and markets
  • Use NEP to vote in the governance of the platform’s future
  • Lock NEP to provide liquidity, secure the protocol, and yield additional rewards
  • Hold NEP in your wallet to purchase and claim coverage
  • Foreign assets farmed under NEP pool will be used to purchase NEPs which will then be burned.
  • Creating a new coverage contract requires you to burn 1000 NEP tokens. Coverage creators will earn a small portion of the coverage fees collected in BUSD or BNB.
  • 4000 NEP tokens must be staked when creating a coverage pool. The higher your stake, the more visibility your coverage will get in the market.
  • Coverage pools are available in BUSD. We deduct 6.5% of the coverage fee or coverage claim in BUSD or BNB. The acquired BUSD will be used to purchase NEP tokens in the PancakeSwap exchange and then immediately burned in a single transaction.
  • Providing liquidity to a coverage pool requires you to stake 250 NEP or higher.
  • During dispute resolution (governance), more than 50% NEP of the minority is burned

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Neptune Mutual provides you with guaranteed stablecoin liquidity to reduce risk exposure by hedging against capital risks and smart contract vulnerabilities.